Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Gases (CO2e) emissions are the primary contributors to global warming.


At Metro-Pat 24/7 Ltd, we are a London based electrical pat testing and safety compliance company and try to reduce our emissions towards a climate-positive electrical contracting firm, meaning that our influence on the environment has a prominent position in our thinking. As a result, we precisely understand what we should cover in reducing our carbon footprint and have set goals to help us remove emissions within our pat testing and electrical safety and fire risk operations and supply chain. By doing so, we hope to become a carbon-neutral company. 


At Metro-Pat 24/7 Ltd, we are committed to reducing or eliminating our carbon footprint by prioritizing our most significant sources for our London based electrical safety company, such as:


  • Using smaller labels than standard.

  • Using public transport instead of vans, when possible. we are re investing in electric powered transport.

  • Reducing our office energy consumption by power save modes & turning off electrical equipment when not in use.

  • Recycling our tester equipment batteries, and rechargeable usage to save waste.

  • Stop using paper were possible, we are close to being paperless we only use electronic PDF certifications and word doc by email.

  • Our engineers & survayors all work from a mobile software at 90% now, with on going development to be 100% by the end of 2021

  • Using AAA electrical equipment to be more energy efficient

  • Using local suppliers where possible, to minimize movement were possible.

  • We recycle all office waste uniforms and engineers equipment.


Our future plans include exploring innovative and creative ways to become a more ecologically friendly carbon neutral company firm in for the electrical testing and fire safety services we our to our customers in London.


What is carbon neutrality?


Your carbon footprint comprises everything you do that causes carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere - from driving to using electricity to power your house and other activities. 


In order to be a "carbon neutral company," you, your firm, or the operations of your national economy must release the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that you balance through other methods. 


The installation of solar panels on your home or the purchase of an electric vehicle are examples of actions you may take to minimize your carbon dioxide emissions.


Achieving carbon neutrality implies that your carbon dioxide emission has a net neutral influence on the environment. Therefore, it can aid in the mitigation of the consequences of climate change on the environment. For example, increased global average temperatures are caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which also contribute to rising sea levels, altering weather patterns, and other climate-related factors.


Some greenhouse gases occur naturally, while people create others. For instance, carbon dioxide accounts for about two-thirds of all greenhouse gas emissions, and it is mainly generated by the combustion of coal, natural gas, and other fossil fuels.


Metro pat 247 Ltd are doing our part to reduce carbon and be responsible towards our carbon emissions foot print for London and the planet, small changes make a big difference if we all do the same.