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Evacuation Plans
North London

North London Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans


For: All business properties inside the M25 - Landlords, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Doctors Surgeries, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars, Cocktail Lounges, Hospitals.

Reliable and Professional Evacuation Plans in North London, including:

Kings Cross | Islington | Euston | Finchley

Ensuring the safety of your business, its employees and its customers.


According to the London Fire Brigade, there are nearly 200 fires in London every day. Though the majority of these fires are small and easily contained, a large fire can cause serious damage and even loss of life. In order to protect your business in the event of a fire, it is important to have a fire evacuation plan in place.


Fire can start and spread faster than you can read this. Escaping is much easier if you have an evacuation plan in place and everyone knows exactly what to do.


The immediate moments after an emergency occurs are critical. After all, if your facility is considered unsafe, would you rather spend time determining how to react when the clock is ticking, or would you rather begin with a predetermined evacuation plan?


A professional evacuation plan in place will let all employees and site visitors know how to escape a property in case of an emergency. 


Metro-Pat 247 Limited can develop an emergency evacuation plan specific to your site, including evacuation diagrams and emergency procedures. Our evacuation diagrams and emergency procedure sheets are compliant with the latest regulations and are conducted by a qualified engineer.


Call 0800 014 6728 for more information and to get prices for emergency evacuation plans in London.

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Metro-Pat 24/7 Ltd are London's go-to company for low cost emergency evacuation plans. 

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