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Fire Alarm Testing
East London

Keep your business safe and compliant


For: All business properties - Estate Agents, Buy to Let, AirBnB, Hotels, Brasseries, Sports Centres, Music Venues, Salons, Parlours, Barber Shops + More

Professional, local London Fire Alarm Testing Engineers.

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Fire can kill: Metro-Pat 247 Limited can keep your home and business safe!

The combination of fire and poisonous gas poses a serious threat to your family. Any home or business that lacks effective, functional fire protection systems is a potential tragedy that we want to avoid.

Fire is a serious threat to your company. Being a victim of a fire not only endangers lives and thousands of pounds in possible property damage, but it can also put a halt to your business. As an employer, business owner, landlord, or person responsible for business premises, you are required by law to provide adequate fire protection. The following responsibilities are outlined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005:

  • Conduct a fire risk assessment of the premises and review it on a regular basis.

  • Ensure that your employees are aware of the risks that have been identified.

  • Install and maintain adequate fire safety precautions.

  • Test your systems on a regular basis and have an emergency plan in place.

  • Instructions and training on fire safety must be provided.


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Your fire alarm system needs to be inspected on a regular basis.


Companies must have their fire alarms fully inspected and tested every six months to ensure their dependability.

Given that fire alarms are only tested in the worst-case scenario, they must be tested by specialists to ensure that they can perform their functions in the event of a fire.

Metro-Pat 247 Limited are dedicated to providing the best service possible while utilising the most advanced tools of the trade and staying up to date on the most recent laws. We have fire testing technicians situated all across London, so no matter where your company is located (North, South, West, or East), we will always have someone nearby to help you.


A clear and easy-to-understand fire alarm testing report.


We recognise how critical it is for all of our clients to understand the status of their fire alarm system. It is also critical to identify and advise on any necessary work.

Before we leave your property, our engineers will provide you with a detailed report. It will include a detailed schedule of parts as well as any repairs that your company may require during the testing procedures.

If we discover any flaws that require further investigation, we will include them in the report so you have a clearer vision of what needs to be done to remain in compliance with the most current fire safety regulations.

What are the benefits of working with us?

  • Metro-Pat 247 Limited is committed to professionalism, quality, and the highest standards of service, as well as providing you, our partner, with complete satisfaction.

  • We can provide a unique service that is tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

  • We work on all major fire alarm panels, including Notifier, Gent Vigilon, Advanced, Morley, CTec, and Kentec.

  • Your requirement, no matter how big or small, will be met with professional guidance and attention to detail.


Keep your business safe and up to date - Get in touch on 0800 014 6728 to learn how we can help you in remaining compliant with the most current fire safety standards.

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Our electrical safety experts provide the most affordable fire alarm testing in East London.

Keep yourself, your business and your customers safe:

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