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Fire Door Inspection Service
North London

Industry Leading Fire Door Inspections in London


For: All business properties within the M25 - Landlords, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Doctors' Surgeries, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars, Cocktail Lounges, Hospitals.

Certified, Local Fire Door Maintenance London Engineers.

Our friendly, professional, and expert teams are available to provide detailed fire door surveys and ensure you comply with fire door regulations. We also sign off on fire doors that are in the process of being installed.

We take pride in providing excellent service. Our reports are industry-leading and are completed by our professional team.  Our inspectors will inspect all fire doors in your building and provide you with a report detailing all issues. As a result, you will be able to make more informed fire safety decisions.

When should fire doors be inspected?

The building's use determines the frequency of inspections. A quiet, small company office, for example, would be better suited to having six-monthly checks. A hospital, school, or residential building, on the other hand, would necessitate more frequent inspections. As a result, it is critical that you, as the "responsible person," understand the environment and the expected usage of the fire doors under your control.

According to BS 9999: Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management, and use of buildings, inspections should be performed every six months. At the same time, the Fire Safety Order and the Fire Safety Act make it a legal requirement to inspect and maintain your fire doors regularly.

Metro-PAT 247 Limited recommends having your fire doors inspected every six months at the very least.

How can Metro-PAT 247 Limited help you with fire safety compliance?

Throughout the process, Metro-PAT will provide expert advice, assisting you in determining the following steps to ensure compliance with fire door regulations.

This report also informs you of any necessary corrective action. As a result, the Responsible Person can plan maintenance work using this report. As a result, you can make your fire doors compliant.

Furthermore, our in-house Fire Door Maintenance Team, BM-Trada Q-Mark accredited, can perform any necessary repairs. As a result, you can be confident that the doors are now compliant.

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Metro-Pat 247 Limited are North London's most trusted partner for Fire Door Inspections.

Ensure the safety and compliance of your organisation.

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