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Fire Protection Services
in South London

Installation of fire doors and fireproof cladding for ceilings and understairs enclosures. £POA

Fire protection services for landlords in London and businesses throughout the M25.

The most dependable Fire Protection Services in London.

Buildings must adhere to fire safety regulations to maintain a safe environment. Installing fire doors designed to slow the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire is one way to accomplish this. Ceilings, stairways, and understairs compartments must also have fireproof cladding.

A fire door is a door that is designed to keep fire and smoke from spreading between different areas of a building. Fire doors are made of fire-resistant materials and are frequently equipped with unique features that aid in keeping them closed in the event of a fire.

Qualified engineers must install fire doors under applicable regulations and maintain them appropriately to ensure they continue to provide the required level of protection.

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Why is a fireproof cladding system necessary?

When it comes to fires, safety is always first. That is why a fireproof cladding system is required in any building where fires are potentially dangerous. The cladding system is the first line of defence against fire and can aid in preventing the spread of the fire. The cladding system can also help to protect the occupants and firefighters of the building from the dangers of a fire. Furthermore, using a fireproof cladding system can help to lower the cost of repairing or rebuilding a structure following a fire.

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