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Fire Door Survey London

Industry Leading Fire Door Maintenance in London

Metro-PAT 247 Limited can provide a full Fire Door Survey for you locally in London.

Our expert fire door surveyors can inspect and perform a variety of tests on each and every one of your fire doors or those of your clients. Due to a variety of factors, including the door, frame, hardware, intumescent strips, and smoke seals, the actual performance of an installed fire door can vary significantly. The itemised results of the survey are then presented to you in a concise manner, taking into account all doors surveyed and a recommended course of action for any necessary repairs.

Our surveys adhere to a strict method of inspection for all parts of the door, all parts and components must function properly. The survey findings will determine the frequency of follow-up routine inspections and audits based on the results, which will be recorded for you in a user-friendly format.

Metro-PAT 247 Limited recommends having your fire doors inspected every six months at the very least.

To speak to one of our team for more information, or advice on anything related to fire doors in London contact Metro-PAT 247 Limited now on 020 3600 9964 where a member of our office based team will direct your call to the most appropriate specialist.

How can Metro-PAT 247 Limited help you with fire door safety compliance?

Throughout the process, Metro-PAT will provide expert advice, assisting you in determining the following steps to ensure compliance with fire door regulations.

Our reports also inform you of any necessary corrective action required. As a result, you can make sure your fire doors compliant.

Metro-Pat 247 Limited are the most reliable partner for Fire Door Surveys in London.

Ensure the safety and compliance of your organisation.

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