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Construction Site Pat Testing
South London

South London Building Site Pat Testing Deals


Metro-PAT 247 Limited places a premium on site security. Our engineers have been trained to hold Gold ECS - CSCS cards and to conduct regular consultations.

We only use battery-powered PAT testing equipment on-site, and we are always primed with PPE and RAMS.


For all types of construction and building sites across London, within the M25

Carried out by our fully qualified, local London Pat testing engineers.

North London | South London | East London | West London

Our PAT test engineers have extensive experience testing low voltage 110v tools and equipment used on construction sites, and they are well aware of the risks associated with inadequate maintenance and testing.

To ensure electrical safety and compliance, every item on the construction sites that requires testing will be visually inspected and thoroughly tested.

Our engineers are all equipped with battery-powered advanced PAT testing equipment, allowing us to perform 110v testing where 240v is not available.

The labels we use to show that your equipment has passed testing are of high quality, water-resistant, tearproof, and suitable for use in active and harsh environments.

Metro-PAT 247 Limited recognises the significance of construction site safety. To maintain an exemplary safety record, however, every risk must be assessed and minimised.

This includes electrical equipment hazards. Our construction site PAT testing service is designed to ensure the safety of every device, from the canteen kettle to critical power tools, while causing the least amount of disruption.

In terms of equipment, construction sites are complex; frequent testing ensures safe operation while minimising downtime due to faulty equipment. In addition, the certification process ensures that Health and Safety inspections do not produce unexpected results.

PAT compliance is critical for construction site safety procedures because it protects your workforce. Because of the hazards of a construction site, industry standards require that all 110v equipment be PAT tested every three months. Our certified testers can complete this task quickly and without interfering with critical work schedules.

We already work with many of the most well-known names in the construction industry and have a proven track record of providing high-quality services with minimal fuss.

Discover how we could help you save money on Construction PAT Testing

Why should you choose us?


Metro-Pat 247 Limited provides a complete construction and building site Pat Testing at the most affordable rates in London. Our skilled and experienced engineers work professionally while putting safety first.


We are the go-to experts in London for commercial, business, and construction site Pat testing.

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Construction Pat Testing Deals South London

Building site PAT Tests London

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Metro-PAT engineers provide construction PAT testing in London at the most competitive prices.

Protect your building site and get a PAT test Deal with us today!

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