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Evacuation Plans
East London

East London Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans


Available for all properties within the M25 - Estate Agents, End of tenancy, Landlords, Private Rentals, Airbnb, Hotels, Serviced Apartments

Reliable and Professional Evacuation Plans in East London, including:

Dalston | Stoke Newington | Stratford | Tooting | Canary Wharf

Ensure the safety of your organisation, your employees, and your customers.


Is your company's fire escape plan effective? If not, don't hesitate to contact Metro-PAT 247 Limited today and speak with one of our representatives.

Fire Escape Plans are life-saving emergency preparedness tools that aid in the safe evacuation of a building in times of an emergency.

One of the most vital duties that must occur as soon as a fire is discovered is getting people to safety as swiftly as possible. The key to a successful evacuation is knowing where to go and how to get there.

Fire Evacuation Plans provide the essential guidance required to quickly and safely exit a dangerous area. Metro-PAT can prepare your plan for you, ensuring your employees' safety and your company's compliance.

At Metro-PAT 247 Limited, our Fire Escape Plans provides you with the critical information needed to quickly and safely evacuate the building in an easy-to-understand format. Implementing professionally designed fire escape plans ensures that the details are clear, concise, and accurate and meet Bs and International standards.

Evacuation plan key elements include:

  • Fire Equipment Locations

  • Safe Refuge

  • Assembly Point

  • Fire Exits

  • Fastest Routes

  • Alternate Routes

  • Designated Safe Areas

  • Staff Accountability


For more information and prices on emergency evacuation plans in London, call Metro-PAT 247 Limited on 0800 014 6728 

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Protect your employees by implementing an effective fire escape plan for your company. 

Get a deal for your business today!

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