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Fire Risk Assessments London

Fire Risk Assessments London and Greater London​

Have you been searching for a company to come to you and carry out a fire risk assessment? Are you concerned that your fire safety practices are not up to scratch? Well, you are in the right place; here at Metro-PAT, we can offer you a professional fire risk assessment that will fall within the fire safety precautions set out by the authorities in London. 


With our team of experienced and qualified assessors, we will meticulously evaluate fire hazards, evacuation procedures, and fire safety measures to identify potential risks. By conducting these thorough assessments, Metro-PAT helps clients comply with fire safety regulations and provides tailored recommendations to enhance their fire safety strategies. 


Our commitment to excellence and dedication to safeguarding lives and property make Metro-PAT an ideal choice for reliable and top-notch Fire Risk Assessments in the bustling metropolitan region of London and its surroundings. Whether you want a fire risk assessment or a fire risk assessment carried out periodically, we are on hand to help.

What Is A Fire Risk Assessment? 


A Fire Risk Assessment is a systematic and thorough evaluation of a building or premises to identify potential fire hazards, assess their risk level, and determine appropriate measures to minimise and manage these risks effectively. 


The assessment is typically conducted by trained professionals who carefully analyse various factors, including the building's layout, occupancy, fire safety equipment, and evacuation procedures. The primary goal of a Fire Risk Assessment is to ensure the safety of occupants and visitors by identifying areas where fire safety measures can be improved and recommending necessary actions to mitigate risks. 


This proactive approach plays a crucial role in complying with fire safety regulations and standards and fostering a safer environment for everyone within the premises.

Our Fire Safety And Risk Assessments In London


London Fire Risk Assessments are required by legislation, so our team here at Metro-PAT are on hand to regularly provide you with a fire risk assessment. They are essential in identifying fire hazards within a property or business premises. They also identify the people at risk and what to do in an emergency.  


You can order your fire risk assessment online and choose a time and date for one of our fire risk assessors to visit your property. Our fire risk assessor will then conduct the fire risk assessment, making detailed notes about the condition of the evaluated area and the presence or absence of safety features such as alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, etc. 


The existence of policies and procedures for fires, including the fire risk logbook, exits, and more, will also be evaluated during our visit.


Once the survey is complete, our assessor will send the data back to our London office, where a report will be prepared and emailed to you in PDF format, usually within 24 hours. This report is typically eight pages long and includes details about your property, the survey's findings, and potential recommendations based on the condition of your property. 


This is a copy you can keep for your records. You can also use the report as a reference for any suggestions; however, it is essential to remember that this report is dynamic and may be revised as new recommendations are made or as the law evolves.

London Fire Risk Assessments - Things To Know About Our Service


Our main priority is to make sure that from a fire prevention perspective, your company is covered; London Fire Brigade spend thousands of pounds every year visiting commercial premises that do not have a fire risk assessment, and something has gone wrong, but with our team, you can identify fire risks and get a risk assessment in place. 


When you choose to use our team for adequate fire prevention solutions, we will always keep you in the loop; for example, if we are running late for one of our routine visits, we will always call and let you know. 


We will always ensure you can find the suggested retest date on our fire risk assessment in London. We'll send you a reminder one month before the report expires if you want to rebook the information before it lapses.


​Certification will be granted once payment is received. Once an order has been placed, you will receive an invoice detailing how to pay.


We provide the best London Fire Risk Assessment service at the best possible prices and make booking easy with our team of qualified engineers and experienced support staff.


Choose Metro-PAT For Your Fire Risk Assessments London!


Metro-PAT is the ideal choice for all your Fire Risk Assessments in London. With a proven track record of excellence, our expert team ensures the utmost safety and compliance with fire regulations. Offering comprehensive and reliable assessments, Metro-PAT employs the latest industry standards and practices to identify potential hazards, evaluate fire safety measures, and implement effective solutions. 


Our commitment to customer satisfaction and years of experience make us a trusted partner in safeguarding your premises against fire risks. Regarding fire safety, choose Metro-PAT for unmatched expertise and peace of mind. Any landlord, property manager or business owner in London (within the M25) can use our low-cost London Fire Risk Assessment service; get in touch today! 


Email us at or 020 3600 9964 if you have further inquiries.


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