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Legionella Testing
North London

North London Legionella Testing Service


For: All business properties within the M25 - Landlords, Hotels, Offices, Schools, Doctors Surgeries, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars, Cocktail Lounges, Hospitals.

Reliable and Professional Legionella Testing Service in North London, including:

Kings Cross | Haringey | Enfield | Barnet

Protect your business, its employees and its customers with comprehensive Legionella Testing.


Legionella is the waterborne bacteria that causes Legionnaires' disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. Legionnaires' disease is especially lethal in the elderly, the sick, and those with weakened immune systems.


Legionella bacteria can contaminate various building areas and appliances, including water tanks, air conditioners, plumbing systems, cooling towers, spray systems, hot tubs, hoses, and more. It thrives in temperatures ranging from 20 to 45 degrees Celsius and in stagnant water systems.


Metro-Pat 247 Limited will protect your company from an outbreak by conducting a thorough Risk Assessment and providing guidance to keep you safe and compliant.


We will assess all of your water systems under British Standards, ensuring that they are kept in a safe condition to prevent Legionella growth.


Our LCA-certified engineers will customise a flexible action plan for your company, provide a written review, and ensure that you comply with the L8 Approved Code of Practice. Interim health checks can also be included in your service to monitor your water systems and reduce future risks.


We use an electronic logbook system that is instantly accessible anywhere, at any time, and we tailor our quotes and services to the specific needs of each business.


All of our services are adaptable to a variety of business types. If you have unusual business hours or limited availability, please let us know, and our engineers will accommodate you!


Our customised servicing schedules ensure that your business is not disrupted, allowing you to go about your daily operations. Contact us to find the best time for you.


Call 0800 014 6728 for more information on Legionella testing.

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Metro-Pat 24/7 Ltd are London's number one Legionella testing company

Keep your business safe and compliant.

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