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Electrical & Fire Safety in London

We operate across London, providing fire and electrical safety services to commercial and residential clients in all sectors and industries.

Our professional team has decades of hands-on experience in the electrical and fire safety industries, allowing us to test and advise on all aspects of fire safety with confidence.

Electrical and Fire Safety in London
Electrical and Fire Safety in London

Our fire and electrical safety services cover the following: Pat Testing

PAT testing is a detailed and specialised procedure that ensures electrical appliances meet all UK health and safety standards.

Metro-PAT 247 Limited offers PAT testing services in London that are carried out by our team of expert electrical PAT testing professionals. These services can help you meet fire and electrical safety regulations and lower your insurance rates.

EICR Testing (Fixed Wire Testing)

An EICR testing service verifies that a building's electrical installations comply with safety standards. Employers are required by law to periodically ensure their employees' health, safety, and welfare.

Fire Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform Order mandates, as of October 2006, that fire risk assessments are conducted for non-domestic premises, including measures to reduce or eliminate the risk of fire and the identification of anyone at risk. Although the law does not specify the frequency of these inspections, it is recommended that a fire risk assessment be carried out annually.

Fire Alarm Servicing

Fire alarms are essential to any workplace or building, so their maintenance and testing must be impeccable. They allow people in a building to be immediately notified if there is an emergency and what they need to do to evacuate a building in the event of an emergency.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

It is essential that fire extinguishers work in the event of an emergency, as stated in BS 5306. The British Standards, which are guidelines for fire safety, say that fire protection equipment, like fire extinguishers, must be maintained annually by a qualified person.

Emergency Lighting Testing

Business owners and landlords are responsible for ensuring that emergency light testing procedures and tests are followed. This is to ensure that the emergency lighting system in the building is in good working order and in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

Asbestos Surveys

If you own, rent, or manage a commercial property, you may be responsible for managing any asbestos on the premises. You won't know if there is asbestos on the property without an asbestos survey, and if there is, you'll be responsible for managing it. Asbestos surveys must be carried out by a reputable, professional contractor.

Energy Performance Certification

Every domestic and commercial building for sale or rent in the United Kingdom must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This metric assesses the energy efficiency of a property or building and assigns ratings ranging from A to G. They are created using standardised methods and energy usage assumptions.

Gas Safety Testing

Any gas appliance in your home can emit carbon monoxide (CO), a highly poisonous gas produced when natural gas or liquid petroleum gas (LPG) fails to burn properly. This is caused by a gas appliance being improperly fitted, repaired, or maintained or when vents, flues, or chimneys become blocked - which is why it's critical to have all of your gas appliances checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer once a year.

Local, experienced fire and electrical safety engineers in London

Regarding electrical and fire safety in London, Metro-PAT 247 Limited is a name you can trust. We've built a solid reputation across London thanks to our prompt, friendly, and professional service. Our multi-service deals cover all you need to stay safe and compliant.

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