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Electrical safety in the Workplace

Every company should make ensuring their employees' safety around electricity a top priority, as we do. Workers in harsh environments, like those found in agriculture or construction, as well as maintenance workers and those who operate electrical equipment and machinery, are most at risk of electrical-related injury.

Accidental electrocution, serious burns, or even death can result from faulty electrical gear, machinery, or installations. Injuries from electric shocks can be indirect, such as from falls off ladders or other elevated surfaces.

Injuries caused by electricity typically result from the following:

  • Incorrect wiring

  • Deficiencies in safety measures

  • Cables that are underrated

  • Combining electrical current with water

  • Mistakenly replaced fuses

  • Excessive use of electrical outlets

  • An absence of proper training The improper use of, or the employment of, equipment.

Reports on the Status of Electrical Equipment (EICR Testing)

After a skilled electrician has evaluated a building's electrical system, they will issue a certificate called an Electrical Installation Condition Report, or EICR. An EICR should be performed on a regular basis to ensure the safety and functionality of all electrical installations.

Regular visual inspections of electrical equipment and fixed installations can help ensure their integrity and prevent potential hazards.

Portable Appliances Testing (PAT Testing)

A good way to keep your property safe from electricity is to have your portable appliances inspected for problems. Even though it is not required by law, PAT testing is recommended to ensure compliance with UK regulations like the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and decrease the likelihood of fires caused by electrical equipment.

In our capacity as an electrical and fire safety testing firm, Metro-PAT 247 Limited can conduct PAT testing for businesses in London of all sizes to ensure they are in compliance with applicable regulations.

Make sure you and your employees are safe and secure by contacting us to discuss your requirements. Our friendly engineers are all NICEIC Registered and will arrive at your property at the agreed time and date. We offer multiple fire and electrical safety services to help keep your business safe and compliant.

Call Metro-PAT 247 on 020 3600 9964 or book our services online.

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