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Fire Alarm Testing London

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

If you detect a fire within your building, then it immediately transmits a digital signal. If your building has an alarm system installed, you should have your fire alarms tested regularly.

If a fire alarm system is not maintained and tested regularly, a small fire may soon grow into an inferno if the system is not adequately maintained and monitored.

According to fire maintenance safety standards, all fire safety systems must be installed following British Standard BS 5839 by a professional who is up to date on the newest laws. However, when it comes to fire alarm maintenance, these requirements require you to go to great lengths to ensure that your fire alarm system is fully operational. Unfortunately, some firms interpret this to imply just once a year. BS 5839, on the other hand, states that you should do this at least once every six months.

We recommend that testing occur at least once a quarter in more significant buildings with more sophisticated systems. Again, a professionally certified engineer should perform these. In addition to these routine system checks. It is critical to do a weekly spot check on whatever system you have.

The testing of fire alarms is a mandatory necessity. Failure to do so not only puts lives and property in danger, but it may also lead to prosecution and heavy punishment. A fire alarm maintenance contract guarantees that your system will have regular testing, ensuring that you stay within the regulations. -P24/tdMet7, a trustworthy and professional alarm maintenance business, can assist you in meeting your commitments and being safe.

At Metro-PAT 24/7 Ltd, we offer a complete fire alarm testing service across London and the surrounding areas.

Our Testing Procedure:

Our fire alarm engineer will thoroughly inspect the fire panel. They will also test the alarm sounders to verify proper operation. Batteries in standby mode will be examined and tested. Our engineers will thoroughly evaluate the control panel, visual indicators and alarm sounders. Our engineer will subsequently issue an inspection certificate.

Metro-PAT 24/7 Ltd - Fire Alarm Testing London


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