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Fire Door Inspection London: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

For landlords and businesses in London, ensuring the integrity of fire doors is not just a matter of legal compliance; it’s a critical component of building safety. That's where Metro PAT's fire door inspection services come in.

Fire Door Inspection London: Ensuring Safety and Compliance
Fire Door Inspection London: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Understanding the Importance of Fire Door Inspections

Fire doors are essential to a building's passive fire protection system. They serve as a first line of defence against the spread of fire and smoke, buying invaluable time for occupants to evacuate safely. However, wear and tear or incorrect installation can compromise their effectiveness. Regular inspections are crucial to ensure fire doors function correctly when needed.

Metro PAT's Comprehensive Fire Door Inspection Service

Metro PAT’s fire door inspection service in London is designed to give property and business owners peace of mind. Starting from just £99 + VAT, our fully insured surveyors conduct thorough examinations of all fire doors within a building. Here is what clients can expect from our meticulous inspection process:

Detailed Assessment

The detailed assessment covers every component of the fire door assembly to ensure that each part functions cohesively to provide maximum protection against fire and smoke. Our surveyors meticulously examine the condition of the door leaves, checking for any signs of damage, warping, or alterations that may impact their performance. The frames are scrutinized for integrity and proper anchorage, as any compromise could prevent the door from functioning correctly in an emergency.

Essential components such as hinges, handles, and locking mechanisms are rigorously checked to ensure they are in good working order and correctly specified and installed. This includes verifying that all hardware is suitable for fire door usage, as standard components may not withstand the intense conditions of a fire. Any minor discrepancies are documented, and recommendations for maintenance or replacement are provided.

Mechanical Door Closers and Hinges

Mechanical door closers play a pivotal role in automatically closing fire doors after they have been opened. We test that these door closers correctly close the door firmly into the latch without any excessive force that would prevent easy opening. Hinges are inspected for their ability to carry the weight of the fire door without sagging, which is vital for maintaining the door's alignment with the frame.

Our surveyors also check for the correct number of hinges, and that hinge screws are of the appropriate type and length. We look for any signs of damage or wear, such as metal fatigue or loose pins, which could indicate a need for immediate repair or replacement to maintain the door's fire-resistance capabilities.

Seals and Glazing

Smoke and fire seals are essential in preventing the passage of smoke and flames around the edges of a fire door. We thoroughly inspect these seals to ensure they are intact, continuous, and securely fixed in place. Any damaged or missing sealing sections could significantly reduce a door’s effectiveness, so prompt attention to these details is critical.

Where fire-rated glazing is present, it must withstand exposure to high temperatures while maintaining its integrity. During our inspections, we look for cracks or breaks and ensure that the glazing beads and glass are appropriately rated and installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications and current fire safety standards.

Hardware and Signage

Operational integrity of hardware—like door handles, locks, and latches—is fundamental for the functionality of fire doors. These elements must be capable of withstanding the pressure of a fire situation while allowing for easy egress. Our inspections include testing these components to ensure they operate smoothly and are free from defects that could hinder their performance.

Correct signage is crucial for the identification and proper use of fire doors. Our surveyors verify that signage adheres to legal requirements, is visible, and conveys essential information regarding the door's operation. This includes checking for mandatory 'Fire Door - Keep Closed' signs or similar notices instructing building occupants on correct usage.

Gap Checks and Door Labels

Proper gap measurement between the door and frame ensures fire doors close effectively and seal against smoke ingress. We use precise tools to measure gaps, confirming that they fall within the specified tolerances set by fire safety regulations. Any excessive gaps can compromise the door's ability to block smoke and flames, necessitating immediate rectification.

Door labels provide critical information regarding the fire rating of a door and its period of resistance in a fire event. Our inspectors validate that these labels are present, legible, and correspond with documentation to guarantee that doors meet the required resistance level. Any missing or illegible labels are reported so that appropriate actions can be taken to maintain compliance with safety standards.

The Metro PAT Fire Door Inspection Report

Clients receive a comprehensive PDF report within 48 hours after our in-depth inspection. This report highlights any issues that need attention, providing a clear roadmap for remediation to achieve compliance with fire safety regulations.

Why Choose Metro PAT for Your Fire Door Inspection in London?

Metro PAT stands out in the London market for several reasons:

  • Expertise: Our surveyors are knowledgeable and experienced in inspecting fire doors across various types of properties.

  • Affordability: With competitive pricing starting from £99 + VAT, we offer quality service accessible to all property owners.

  • Speed: Our commitment to delivering detailed reports within 48 hours means that clients can act quickly to address any concerns.


In conclusion, our fire door inspection service is not just an investment in property compliance; it’s an investment in safety. Whether you manage a commercial building, retail space, or residential units in London, Metro PAT provides a service that ensures your fire doors perform effectively, safeguarding your property and its occupants against fire dangers.

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