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Fire Doors London

Fire doors are specially designed and manufactured to prevent the spread of both fire and smoke. As a result, fire doors provide critical protection. They are essential to any building's fire strategy and fabric, as they save lives and help protect the structure. All fire doors must perform correctly and comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The Metro-PAT 247 Limited Fire Door Inspection Team is working to improve London's fire safety by assisting people in carrying out their fire safety responsibilities.

Fire Doors London
Fire Doors London

We are fully certified fire safety specialists in London, performing Fire Door Inspections and Fire Risk Assessments.

A legal duty is imposed on the 'Duty Holder' appointed for each relevant building under current legislation, which means that almost every structure that isn't a single dwelling must have someone in charge of ensuring that ALL fire safety standards outlined in the regulations are met.

Maintain compliance while ensuring fire safety.

During a fire, fire doors are an essential line of defence. They can mean the difference between life and death and keep your building from being destroyed. They are also a critical component of any building's fire safety strategy. If they fail, the system will also fail, putting lives at risk.

Fire door inspections include the following:

  • Door closer (self-closing devices)

  • Door frame

  • Door leaf

  • Fire safety signage

  • Gaps around the doors and threshold gaps

  • Glazing (vision panels)

  • Hinges

  • Hold open devices

  • Intumescent door strips and cold smoke seals

  • Locks, levers and handles

  • Panic hardware devices

We will provide you with a thorough fire door report detailing the condition of each fire door and highlighting any areas of non-compliance once the fire door and final fire exit door inspections are completed. If necessary, our engineer will inform you of potential solutions.

Metro-PAT 247 Limited are fully certified fire door surveyor in London for commercial, industrial, educational, and residential properties.

Do not let your company become a statistic. If you are a duty holder or have ANY level of control over a building in London and need more information or advice about your fire doors, please call us at 020 3600 9964 or book our fire safety services online.

Our pricing starts at just £79 +VAT.

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