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Fire Safety Compliance in London: Fire Risk Assessments Q&A.

Fire Safety Compliance for Landlords in London
Fire Safety Compliance for Landlords in London

Landlords and owners of residential buildings have a legal obligation to ensure that a fire risk assessment is carried out. This assessment aims to identify and eliminate any fire risks and hazards, or at the very least, to reduce these to the greatest extent possible.

Do landlords need a fire safety certificate for their properties?

All landlord properties must undergo a fire inspection. Landlords are responsible for reducing the risk of fires on their properties to keep their tenants safe.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

Is a fire risk assessment mandatory under law?

What are my responsibilities as a Landlord?

Are tenants responsible for fire safety?


What should you do if your property catches fire?

It is critical to act quickly in the event of a fire in order to save lives:

  • If it is safe to do so, use a fire extinguisher or fire blankets to put out the fire.

  • Call the emergency services at 999 and request the fire department.

  • Before allowing anyone to re-enter the property, ensure that it is safe.

  • Notify your insurers of the situation and begin the claims process. They will advise you on your next steps.

The significance of insurance

It is critical to have landlord insurance in place to protect against fire risk. Coverage will not prevent damage from occurring, but it will assure you that you will not be out of pocket for the cost of any repair work and the cost of lost income or temporarily rehousing your tenants.

You must also comply with relevant fire safety regulations to pay out any fire claim. You risk hefty fines or even a prison sentence if you do not follow fire safety regulations and do everything possible to reduce the likelihood of a fire. More importantly, you jeopardise your tenants' safety, potentially endangering their lives.


Periodic fire risk assessments are both a legal requirement and best practice for many rental properties. They identify potential fire causes, potential hazards, and precautions the landlord should take to reduce the likelihood of a fire.

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