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London Fire Risk Assessments

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

London Fire Risk Assessments
London Fire Risk Assessments

London Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) are an essential service provided by Metro-PAT 24/7 Limited. It helps identify potential risks in buildings and gives advice on how to reduce them.

Why should I get a Fire Risk Assessment?

If you own a business or own a residential property that is let out to tenants, it is essential that you get a fire risk assessment. These assessments help identify potential hazards in your home or workplace, such as flammable materials, electrical wiring, appliances and heating systems. You can find out if there are any issues with your building that could cause a fire, which could be dangerous for your employees or tenants.

What does it involve?

An FRA is carried out by trained assessors who will visit the property and conduct a detailed inspection. They will check the building structure, electrical wiring, heating systems, ventilation, and other areas of concern. If there are any issues with these areas, they will advise the owner on what needs to be done in the event of a fire.

A fire risk assessor will:

  1. Identify fire hazards.

  2. Identify people at risk.

  3. Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks.

  4. Record their findings and provide documentation

  5. Make recommendations to reduce the risk

Who will carry out the assessment?

A London Fire Risk Assessment should be carried out by a certified fire safety engineer. These engineers are employed by Metro-PAT 24/7 Limited and are specially trained to carry out fire safety inspections.

What happens next?

After our visit, you will be contacted by one of our fire safety advisors, who will discuss your report with you. We will provide you with a written summary of the findings and advise what we think needs to be done to improve the building's fire safety.

Our fire safety services

As well as fire risk assessments, we also offer other fire and electrical safety testing services to help keep you and your business compliant and safe should a fire occur on your property. Our services include:

  • Fire alarm testing

  • Fire door compliance

  • Fire extinguisher servicing

  • Fire protection services - fitting and cladding

  • Emergency lighting testing

  • Evacuation plans/means of escape routes

If you live or have a business in London, you should know the risks of living in such a busy city. There are many things that could happen to cause a fire, from faulty electrical wiring to cooking appliances left unattended. These assessments will look at your home and business premises to see if there are any potential hazards that could lead to a fire. You can find out what needs to be done to reduce the risk of fire occurring on your property.

Service area

We serve London inside the M25 - North London, South London, East London, West London and Central London. Please call us if you are outside the M25.

Speak to one of our experienced call navigators today in London at 020 3600 9964 or book one of our fire safety services online.

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