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Updated: Dec 21, 2022

PAT Testing - Electrical Safety Test - Passed
PAT Testing London

Electronic and electrical equipment have become an essential part of each domestic family in today's age and more for the employments and users ie customers safety in the this work place like offices - schools - hotels - educational facilities for students to ensure the safe use of electrical appliances.

A typical household nowadays has several electrical devices and appliances:

Microwaves, irons, washing machines, tumble dryers, fridges, televisions, vacuum cleaners, computers, electric radiators, hairdryers, hair straighteners and curlers, dishwashers, and sewing machines are examples of these gadgets.

The maintenance and upkeep of these appliances are critical to ensuring their safety, risk-free operation, and personnel protection.

To maintain consistent safety, many appliance manufacturers recommend testing at regular periods.

Portable appliance testing (abbreviated as PAT) refers to the process of routinely inspecting electrical equipment to ensure that they are safe to use.

Visual inspection of the equipment and cables and inspection of grounding (earthing) wires, and a test of the insulation stability between the current-carrying wires and any exposed metal they may be touching are all part of the testing process.

At Metro-Pat 24/7 Ltd, we can visually detect most electrical appliance faults, while others need detecting by thorough manual PAT testing.

A user with some basic training or who is supported by a brief checklist may also do a quick check, which is a vital aspect of any electrical maintenance plan.

A more formal visual check and testing, on the other hand, is performed by a skilled and knowledgeable professional.

The frequency of testing depends on the appliance and the environment in which you will use it.

Some appliances necessitate more frequent inspection than others.

It would help if you documented your previous inspections and testing. It can be an excellent instrument for monitoring and assessing the efficiency of the maintenance regime.

The test that an appliance goes through is determined by the type of appliance and its electrical class.

There are several sorts of testing, including an earth resistance test, an earth continuity test, an insulation resistance test, a polarity check, and safety switch tests.

An earth resistance test measures the resistance provided by the earthing rods in conjunction with the connection leads.

The earthing resistance should have a maximum value of less than 1 ohm. The equipment is examined during an earth continuity test to confirm that the earthing conductor of an extension cord, protective earth circuit, or appliance cable set has a measured resistance that does not exceed 1ohm. This test is performed with an ohmmeter or a PAT tester.

An insulation resistance test involves applying a voltage (preferably a carefully controlled, stable DC voltage) to measure the amount of current passing through the dielectric and then calculating resistance using Ohm's Law.

Resistance is measured in mega ohms and is used to assess insulation integrity.

When producing electrical equipment, the insulation resistance test can be used as a quality control measure, as an installation requirement to ensure that specifications are met and appropriate hook-up is verified, as a periodic maintenance check, and as a troubleshooting tool.

A polarity test is another sort of test performed during a PAT test. Polarity testing is a simple test performed using a polarity tester to check whether the active and neutral ends of the plug are correctly connected to the respective terminals at the socket end in locations where the sockets are polarized.

Keeping your company safe is now simple. Tests for Legionella, EICR, and PAT testing, as well as fire risk assessments, floor plans, and fire safety services, are all provided seven days a week to all business sizes.

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