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What does FEEP stand for?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

A FEEP is a Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan.

FEEP example
FEEP example

A fire emergency evacuation plan, or FEEP, is a must-have document in every workplace or commercial property. It describes the steps that employees must perform in the case of a fire, including how to notify emergency services. A FEEP is tailored to a particular workplace; thus, it may include any information pertinent to the company or organisation.

A FEEP should be a clear and logical strategy that all workers can remember and follow in the case of a fire. All workers should be told of the plans during their induction, they should be reminded regularly, and the company owner or manager should make the plan visible for all employees to see. Fire drills should be used to test the plan, with the outcomes monitored and any adjustments to the FEEP made as appropriate. A FEEP should ideally include:

  • Fire evacuation strategy

  • Action on discovering a fire

  • Action on hearing the fire alarm

  • Calling the Fire Brigade

  • Power/process isolation

  • Identification of key escape routes

  • Fire wardens/marshals

  • Places of assembly and roll call

  • Firefighting equipment provided

  • Training required

  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

  • Liaison with emergency services

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