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How often do fire extinguishers need to be serviced?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Testing and service of fire extinguishers is a legal necessity for every company. Metro-PAT 24/7 Ltd believes that safety inspections should be affordable and straightforward, which is why our dependable service is popular among many types of businesses throughout London.

Our skilled service involves checking all extinguisher components, determining the kind of fire extinguisher required, and ensuring extinguishers are operating under legal requirements. Having a dependable fire safety service allows you to keep people safe while also meeting your company's legal and insurance needs.

Fire Extinguisher Testing in London
Fire Extinguisher Testing in London

Why Do Fire Extinguishers Need Servicing?

Fire extinguishers must be serviced regularly to guarantee success when needed. When a fire breaks out, the extinguisher must function correctly. A malfunctioning extinguisher may cause a fire to spread, inflicting further damage and endangering lives.

You may believe that it will not need servicing since an extinguisher has not been used. This is not correct. An extinguisher might fail due to corrosion, damage, or a loss of in-cylinder pressure. Instead, don't take the chance; get your extinguishers serviced for complete peace of mind.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Contracts

We provide maintenance contracts at competitive rates. Our engineers are professionally certified and have extensive expertise in testing fire safety equipment. We provide yearly service contracts tailored to your requirements. In addition, all regular service visits are documented and certified for further peace of mind.

Regular testing ensures that you do not violate the British Standard Code of Practice BS 5306. (Part 3). According to the regulation, all fire extinguishers in commercial settings, including companies and tenanted buildings, must be maintained at least once a year to ensure they perform correctly in the case of an emergency. Our service contracts guarantee that these responsibilities are honoured.

Why choose Metro-PAT 24/7 Ltd?

At Metro-PAT 24/7 Ltd we're fully accredited and keep up to date with UK legislation to guarantee your company is always in compliance. Our engineers are certified to test all extinguisher models and you will receive a full service with legal documents to confirm your compliance.

We take pride in providing a high-quality service, which is why we work around your demands, designing a timetable for your company's needs and completing testing swiftly to reduce inconvenience. Metro-PAT 24/7 Ltd is unquestionably the best option for hassle-free fire safety services in London.

So, where can I get a fire extinguisher service near me?

To arrange a fire extinguisher testing service in London, call Metro-PAT 24/7 Ltd 0800 014 6728 for a FREE, no-obligation quote.

Alternatively, you can also book a service online.

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