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Landlord Fire Safety Inspection Checklist

A fire safety inspection checklist for landlords.

Landlord Fire Safety Checklist For Landlords
Landlord Fire Safety Checklist For Landlords

Fire safety inspections are required by law in the UK. This checklist will help you prepare for an inspection.

Ensure the property is inspected for fire and electrical safety before renting it out.

If you plan to rent out a residential property, it must be inspected first to ensure it meets current fire and safety standards. These inspections must be performed annually for rental properties in London and the UK. These inspections include checking escape routes, fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and fire door compliance. A professionally conducted fire risk assessment (FRA) will cover all aspects of fire safety for landlords in London.

Ensure Smoke Alarms Are Installed.

When renting a property, you must ensure that smoke alarms are installed. These devices will inform you when smoke is found, so you can act quickly to prevent serious injury or death. You should also install carbon monoxide alarms on each floor where gas or naked flames are used.

Test All Emergency Lighting Systems.

Emergency lighting systems should be tested by a reputable company that deals with fire and electrical safety. Emergency lighting needs to be tested annually to ensure your tenants can evacuate your building in the event of an emergency.

Have an In-Home Fire Escape Plan.

If you live in a building with more than one unit, ensure everyone knows where the exits are. Make sure there is at least one escape route out of each apartment. Also, consider installing smoke alarms in common areas such as hallways and stairwells. Having an evacuation plan visible on all floors is an essential part of your fire risk assessment.

Maintain a Safe Working Environment.

It’s also important to maintain a safe working environment. This includes ensuring that any flammables are stored safely away from heat sources and electrical outlets. You should also keep combustible materials away from heating appliances and ensure that no open flames are present.

Keep your property and tenants safe from fire.

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